Monday, June 2, 2008

VIDEO - Dealing with (getting rid of!) Sea Lampreys in Upstate New York

Catherine Creek, Seneca Lake, Montour Falls, and Cayuga Lake are being treated for Sea Lampreys. Residents are being asked not to swim in or drink the water from local lakes. If you've never seen a lamprey, they are like a giant leech but they are a fish and look like an eel. They are capable of killing a 40 pound fish by 'sucking' up next to them with their tooth filled mouth (SEE IMAGE BELOW).
Click sea lamprey photo below for video coverage and interviews with NYS DEC:

They DO NOT like the smell of other dead sea lampreys. The video below shows the 'panic response' when they exposed to sea lamprey repellants made with this formula.

Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs" takes a look behind the scenes of the "Sea Lamprey Exterminator" business

The folks at Marine Sea Grant put together a great video on sea lamprey, dam removals, and habitat resotoration:

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