Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Russian fisherman seems determined to turn kids off of fishing with these horrifying catches...

Roman Fedortsov, who fishes off northwest Russia’s coast, started tweeting out photos of his most unusual catches earlier this year, according to the Moscow Times:

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wow. Hot Girl Fishing (and Catching!) a Huge Bull Shark

Hot Girl Shark Fishing
Hachi Machi! Hot Woman Shark Fishing!

Hachi Machi! Watch as Darcie Arahill catches an 8 foot bull shark on a 23ft boat wearing nothing but a bikini.

This never happens to me... None of it. Honestly. My fishing trips end so often in sunburn, a sore back, and a hangover with zero bikinis.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

60 Pound Carp Caught in a Drainage Ditch...

World Record Carp Fishing
World Record Carp!

A new world record has been sit, largest carp ever caught in a drainage ditch.

The giant carp had landlubbers calling 911 to get the police to help (?) deal with the world record carp in Olathe, Kansas.

Police were 'excited' - "As far as fish tales go, this one is a whopper. Police were called in to help snag a 60-pound carp in a drainage ditch next to a neighborhood lake in Olathe, Kansas."

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Extreme Shark Fishing from Kayak Video

Big Shark, Little Kayak
Shark Fishing from Kayak

We get a lot of these, but this is by far the most exciting footage of a kayak angler fishing for, and catching, a huge shark!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pacu Caught in New Jersey

pacu fish bite video
Pacu Fish Biting Testicles?

We have written about the Pacu fish and the truth behind the myth that it 'bites testicles' though we did find some video of a Pacu cracking a nut with it's powerful jaws in video here.

Although it's always newsworthy when a non-native species is caught, it's actually not that rare at all and in the past few years Pacu have been caught in Winnebago, Black River, Monongahela, East Valley Canal, and San Antonio.

The latest coverage comes from Delran, New Jersey where Ron Rossi recounts the catch:

The video of a Pacu fish actually biting a nut is quite possibly one of the strangest videos we've found... Not because of the actual close up video of a Pacu biting a nut, but because of the music that accompanies the video. As anglers, we're all a little quirky but I am just not sure what the videographer was hoping for with the audio:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fishy Advice! "Don't Eat the Sewer Carp in Newark"

Seriously, the flooding in New Jersey has allowed some carp to venture streetside and officials are advising people NOT to eat carp found in gutters or sewers.

Unfortunately for this skittish fellow, he's been filmed by a local news crew trying to 'rescue' the carp by slapping them back toward a pond of some sort.

Just grab this fish neighbor, don't be afraid of it (video below):

New York News

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Intersex Fish and Birth Control...

Intersex Fish and Human Birth Control Chemicals...
Intersex Fish and Human Birth Control Chemicals are Genuine Concern... 

We first got wind of this about 15 years ago but it's a story that's about to come roaring back.

There's a ton of video talking about intersex fish but none of them will display a grotesque deformity (I do not recommend you search the internet for 'male bass with boobs' or the like, trust me on this one!) as there is no simple way to identify an intersex fish. With males it may be defined as having eggs growing within their testes.

The following video from the Chesapeake Bay Program is one of the more level headed and thoughtful reviews of the subject.

Bay 101: Intersex Fish from Chesapeake Bay Program on Vimeo.

For the biologists among us the most recent supporting scientific research can be found here:

"Transgenerational effects from early developmental exposures to bisphenol A or 17α-ethinylestradiol in medaka, Oryzias latipes" (Nature)

For supporting government data, I found this interesting:

"Intersex Fish Now in Three Pennsylvania River Basins" (USGS)

For more of what might be called 'anti-government' ruminations, the commentary by the folks at "InfoWars" do a great job of dramatizing the potential conspiracy:

Solutions are possible, and the folks at Live Science have done a great job with that information, available HERE

Something tells me this story is going to get worse before it gets better...

Result of Human Birth Control on Fish...