Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pacu Caught in New Jersey

pacu fish bite video
Pacu Fish Biting Testicles?

We have written about the Pacu fish and the truth behind the myth that it 'bites testicles' though we did find some video of a Pacu cracking a nut with it's powerful jaws in video here.

Although it's always newsworthy when a non-native species is caught, it's actually not that rare at all and in the past few years Pacu have been caught in Winnebago, Black River, Monongahela, East Valley Canal, and San Antonio.

The latest coverage comes from Delran, New Jersey where Ron Rossi recounts the catch:

The video of a Pacu fish actually biting a nut is quite possibly one of the strangest videos we've found... Not because of the actual close up video of a Pacu biting a nut, but because of the music that accompanies the video. As anglers, we're all a little quirky but I am just not sure what the videographer was hoping for with the audio:

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