Thursday, May 22, 2014

Freshwater Shark Fishing! 8 Foot Bull Shark Caught 200 Yards from Swimmers in the Potomac River!

It reminds me of that Grateful Dead song... You know the words:

"Summer's here and the time is right,
for shark fishing in the creeks!"

Fresh Water Bull Shark Fishing in the Potomac River

Last summer, two giant bull sharks were caught by a fisherman named Richard Riche (His buddies must have nicknamed him "Richie Rich" right? I can't be the first person to think of that...).

Although there's been no shortage of disappearances in Maryland fresh water, there's also no proof of anyone being bitten or eaten by a shark in the Potomac River despite the bull sharks' reputation as a man-eater. Either way, MD Dept of Nat Resources advised not to swim at night or early in the morning when sharks are known to feed.

It may be a secret as to how these guys caught these sharks but they definitely know what they're doing as this isn't the first time they've caught a shark in the river!

Where the Shark Was Caught in Potomac River

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